A Whitman Why

8 03 2010

Beyond yearning for stability and clear purpose, souls seeks solace in creativity. But how far does one gain acceptance of themselves through such pursuits? A cartoon, sketch, or poem can only carry one to depths discovered through visual or reflective considerations. Does continuation of one pursuit leave one more satisfied than pecking at many? Oh such is my conundrum. Being in the now is oh so difficult.

Whitman asks us to be patient when he says:
All truths wait in all things,
They neither hasten their own delivery nor resist it
(Song of Myself, 30:650)

But we do hasten and we do resist. And if such truths are dependent upon our rediscovery of them, how do we effect them with our impatience and denial? Where does this leave truth? Naked and disfigured? Our habits also camouflage truth in exhaustion. So much of humanity struggles between breakfast and dinner. I fear they only live at night in their dreams. But if we don’t hold a respectable position in society’s hive, we receive criticism.

How I wish to love, live, and create without habit, haste, or denial.