Traveling Home with a Stop in Prague

9 07 2011

After expressing our gratitude and saying our goodbyes, we headed for the Parnu bus station where we hopped on a LuxXpress bus for our two hour ride back to Riga. The bus was the nicest one we had ridden on the entire trip and even had complimentary Wifi. We just wished we had the very back seats as the noise from the motor and bumps in the road added a few sighs to our ride. The ticket we purchased included a transfer from the Riga bus station to the airport which made for convenient (seimi direct) transportation to the airport. Finally we were flying over Riga, reminiscing on how quickly time was “flying.” Two hours later we arrived in Prague where we had around a 23 hour layover. After withdrawing some Kroons and catching the airport express bus, we found ourselves near old town and walked for about twenty minutes until we found Prague Square Hostel in which we had two beds reserved in the 5 bed dorm. Surprisingly, the other three beds were occupied by three brothers from Washington state (during our time in the Baltics we really didn’t come across hardly anyone from the states). After a quick check in and meditation, we took our cameras and map and quickly stalked the streets of Old Town Prague competing with the obnoxious tourist crowds. I think Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock were my favorite highlights. A delicious dinner with potato pasta with local sheep cheese, a sandwich, a mushroom soup, and a Pilsner beer filled us with much contentment and provided the opportunity to people watch. As the golden light continued to quickly set, we ran through the cobblestone streets like maniacs trying to capture some visual memories. Cathedrals, castles, and palaces almost escaped our lenses but the light lingered until around 10 and soon we were returning to the hostel with sore feet and filled memory cards.

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