Horse Hooray

28 02 2010

Horse Hooray craves mac and cheese. He enters a house, sniffs out the mac and cheese box, knocks over several dishes, attempts to mix the mac and cheese in the trash can but realizes the trash can won’t fit in the microwave. Horse Hooray settles on a metal bowl. While standing in front of the microwave with his nosed pressed up against the glass, a metal piece with mac and cheese shoots out of the microwave and into Horse Hooray’s nose. Horse Hooray smells mac and cheese for the rest of his life.


Leory the Lion and the Lasagna

28 02 2010

Leroy the Lion lives in a house covered with leeches. He craves lasagna and decides to go into town to fetch the ingredients. On his way into town he meets a toad carrying a load of parmesan, tiny tomato people with green hats, pigs who own the lasagna market, and rats who run the restaurant with the best lasagna in town. Leroy discovers he doesn’t have money to buy the ingredients for his lasagna and decides to work in the rats’ restaurant where he’ll be compensated with lasagna dinners every evening. He’s treated poorly at the restaurant and doesn’t receive his first lasagna dinner until the third night. As Leroy the Lion is about to bite into his 5′ x2′ pan of lasagna he notices toad and tomato people legs sticking out of the parmesan cheese. Leroy is disgusted and saddened. He realizes that the lasagna is made at the cost of others lives and Leroy the Lions treks back to his house covered with leeches and vows never to eat lasagna again.