The Gingerbread Man

28 02 2010

The old gingerbread man who awoke from a 90 year nap had just stretched out his brittle arms and brushed against a beetle. He was standing behind the oven amidst very dusty cobwebs when a smell of fresh gingerbread drifted by his nose. Panic and fear swept through his frail body and he began to quickly hobble towards the front of the oven. Carefully, he climbed up the ledge to where he could look through the oven window. He was horrified. Several gingerbread boys were flailing their arms. The old gingerbread man knew he must save the boys before they were completely baked. But how would he open the oven? He glanced towards the counter and saw a peanut butter jar with a fork. He miraculously hoisted himself up and lassoed the fork from the jar, but as he did so, the peanut butter jar flipped through the air and fell on the old gingerbread man’s right foot. Now without a right foot, the old gingerbread man slowly hobbled down to the oven ledge where he pried open the oven door with the fork. As soon as the door opened, the old gingerbread man saw that the gingerbread boys weren’t baking–but partying. Licorice sticks, gooey gumdrops, and mints flew threw the air like sports balls. Suddenly, the gingerbread boys started to chase the old gingerbread man. Soon the boys pounce upon the old gingerbread man. He fears he’ll become a pile of crumbs. But begins to laugh when he sees the gingerbread boys licking his fork covered in peanut butter. Soon the smallest and most daring of the gingerbread boys smiles and splashes the old gingerbread man with warm and salty butter. The old gingerbread man isn’t a hero but a friend.


Elanor the Elephant

28 02 2010

Elanor the Elephant lives in a hut on the bottom of an abandoned pool. She is lonely and wants a friend. One day she sees an eggplant growing from a very moldy and wide crack on the opposite side of the pool bottom. Elanor the Elephant walks over and discovers an eye on top of the eggplant. Elanor the Elephant thinks the eggplant could be her friend if only it had a mouth to speak. Elanor the Elephant decides to venture out of the pool for the first time in her life to try to find a mouth for the eggplant with an eye on top. After a very difficult climb up and out, Elanor the Elephant and the eggplant with the eye on top, set out across the land. After much searching and conversing with several odd creatures, they meet Eagle Eagle who has a broken wing. He is very kind and listens to Elanor the Elephant’s plight. Eagle Eagle is very eager to help Elanor. They race back to Elanor’s hut and attempt to create a mouth for the eggplant with an eye on top. Finally, Eagle Eagle is feeling quite desperate and wants to please Elanor so he sticks his beak through the eggplant. Suddenly the eggplant is talking but Eagle Eagle cannot remove his beak. Elanor is delighted that she has a friend…