Trakai and Leaving Vilnius

4 07 2011

In the morning today, we ate some more delicious waffles, and headed to the bus station. We arrived at the perfect time as a bus was leaving in five minutes for Trakai. The ticket cost about 6 litas each and the ride was a short 30 minutes or so. The bus station in Trakai is a bit removed from the end of the town where most of the tourist action was so we had to walk for about 30 minutes before reaching the footbridge leading to the castle museum. As we were walking along the footbridge towards the Castle Museum on the island, several women who looked like dignitaries from around the world were leaving the island and were escorted by security. We checked out the dimly lit museum rooms throughout the castle. We enjoyed the walk back to the bus station and stopped along the lake to watch a father and son fish and soon were laughing at a match between several ducks. We didn’t have to wait long for the next bus back to Vilnius but before it arrived we spotted a couple goats in a field nearby and of course Rock had to have his photos taken with one. And then we were back to our base and were meandering the streets of old town once more. In front of old town, several Cola costumed renegades were handing out free cokes to hordes of teens and unfortunately many of the cans soon littered the square—it was a bit outrageous. Later on, we also spotted a bride and groom with their family posing for shots at the fountain. It was quite a scene in old town that evening. The next morning we checked out of Jimmy Jumps (after I had four waffles) and visited Uzupis once more so we could have our passports officially stamped. Pete the owner of Jimmy Jumps called us a taxi (our first on this trip) and we were soon at the Vilnius airport waiting for our flight to Tallnin Estonia via Air Baltic.

Photos are here!