Threaded to the Bottom

25 09 2010

Unraveled red string
threads itself
into a knot
resting on riverbank’s edge.

From rock,
strand of fiber falls
into river.

Dye runs
into ripples
surfing the surface-
pool of crimson.

Floating limb
leaves Shore
and joins
the journey of the Color
till it splashes against
the ocean’s blue dust.

Salty decay
of desire,
your limb,
a hammer upon my depths.

A death of Color.
Sinking to darkness
of horror amidst crushed cans,
until a resurrection
of evaporation
lifts essence into air.


We, the Illogical Flamingo

25 09 2010

Tiny typed sentences
lie flat and broken in space
on white sheet.
Spoken, same words
pretend to dance

as an illiterate flamingo
flees into the desert
searching for water.

We too fling ourselves into
soul traffic
searching for breath.

Loss of logic
causes fragments
like fried but forgotten
stinky little chicken feet.

Umbrella Candy on the Beach

2 07 2010

Lemon colored

Skittle patterned,

nylon niceties

pop up and open

out of the melting sand.


lie the lazys…

lest they receive an

unwanted cherry skin burn.

With their

candy apple smiles


shimmering chocolate tans,

perhaps they feel safe from

sun spots

as they sip their pina coladas.

I’d rather lie on my torn towel.

Able Appendages of Our Turtle Selves

2 07 2010

Resting on bobbing

sun bleached driftwood,

we follow currents.

Slicing the silence

with a finger,

you identify


to a brightly lit shore.

But to review yesterday’s path

and retrace your night walk

with fragile steps

provides no solace,

no answers.

Screeching sea gulls

beckon you to retreat

closer to the periwinkle dance

beneath the sand

till you return to your wake

in the waves without driftwood.