Creating Again

15 03 2012

I’m dedicating myself to creating a collection of print, paper, and fiber artists I admire.

I stumbled upon Georgette Veeder this summer and am in love. Veeder’s fiber and paperwork are so eloquently earthy–especially his piece “Compromise.”

After listening to Eric Cumberland speak of the ethics and continuum of meaning with photographs, my craving for additional communication on images has increased. I wish virtual holograms of artists speaking about their work could accompany their pieces. With “Compromise,” I wonder if the material is the content or does it refer and create another content/message. Regardless, the folds, textures, and depth of darkness evoke associations of animals skins or clay filled river ravines. Something that will give life after it rests, darkens, and decomposes itself just a bit more.

(A temporary) Compromise is necessary in seeking balance. I suppose my hiatus from active art making, discussion, promotion has been like such for several years. Within the past year, I’ve slowly transitioned from decomposition to creation. The textures of travel, stories, children/teens, and urban homesteading are weaving themselves tighter together confirming my path through the outlets of photography, fiber art and printmaking.

As I sip a glass of wine on my front porch I hear the light rain and birds chirp (so cliche–I know:)). I will not compete–I will create with a consciousness that is mindful. A toast to today!