Travel Costs for Terceira Trip

10 04 2017


  • RT Airfare Boston to Terceira, 7 nights hotel stay, shuttle and breakfasts= $400.
  • 2 days car rental & gas for 2 persons= ~ $80
  • Daily food $20 x 7 = $140
  • Extra/tours $50
  • Total 1 week vacation= ~$650


  • No mortgage, debt, or kids.
  • Limited eating out/drinking and entertainment at home.
  • Goodwill/thrift store shopping. Occasional dumpster diving.
  • Helpful friends and neighbors for animal/pet sitting
  • Splitting travel costs and overall life expenses with partner makes everything more cost effective


  • Why am I traveling?
  • Should I be traveling or should my time and money be invested in something less selfish?
  • How do my animals feel? And those “watching” them?



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