Morning Observations

2 09 2012

The sounds of spider legs tapping against the dusty glass startle Josie. June’s early morning fog. A milky sheet falling off the moist and sleepy bed of earth. The squeal of the yellow school bus brakes interrupts the beauty of morning.  Soon exhaust awakens the slumber of the chipmunks. And the day’s chase commences. Josie’s whisker shadows chase the darkened silhouette of the chipmunk. The sun has just risen and a frail blue robin egg shell lands softly behind Josie—unnoticed. Josie rests uninterested. The chipmunk is too hairy—especially for breakfast. Footsteps inside the cabin gently tread on cool bamboo but one creak of wood and a flick of the small light switch sends Josie to the cat door. She knocks and knocks. The white plastic frame of the small cat door barley hangs on two screws. Josie is smart and uses it as her knocker. Impatiently she sounds as if she may crash right through. Perhaps she fears old spinster ally cat who growls behind.




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