9 07 2011

Now we only had two official full days left of our trip and planned to visit summer seaside town of Parnu. We took a tram (unfortunately in the opposite direction) to Tallinn’s main bus station and caught the next bus to Parnu. After an hour and half we arrived in Parnu and Rock asked a stranger for their cell phone and called Evelyn, our possible couchsurfing host. She quickly met us at the bus station and we walked about ten minutes to her family’s house. Her mother, aunt, and grandmother all live in the house in which Evelyn grew up in. A quaint fruit garden provided their family some beautiful space between neighboring houses. Evelyn walked with us to the beach where we met some four guys from Spain who needed a place to camp. Soon we were heading back to Evelyn’s house with them. After setting up a tent commune in her backyard, we went to one of only several main streets in Parnu and had dinner at a bar. The next morning the guys from Spain left and Rock and I went on our own adventures. The beach and The Tervis Waterpark filled the first part of our day. In early afternoon, we saw a couple film that were part of the Parnu International Film Festival. One film was about the Ostional Community in Costa Rica who harvest sea turtle eggs for their livelihood and explored the controversy surrounding such a project. The other documentary highlighted the story of a convicted American “eco-terrorist” (I disagree with such a term!) and his association with the Earth Liberation Front. Afterwards, we visited two different art museums/galleries and strolled through a few more streets and parks before stopping off at the bus station to buy our bus tickets to Riga. Since we were starving, we ran over to the grocery store. Here we picked up some chicken and potato salad from the deli and chowed down on a bench outside (imagine stinky hunched backpackers gnawing on greasy chicken bones☺). When we began our walk back to Evelyn’s we no longer felt like vagrants and paused to enjoy a modern dance performance on a bridge in a park near her house. We both entered our dreams content and tired.

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