Being human is not enough

10 11 2010

Black shiny girls hung loosely along the pale youthful face as she stared blankly into the window. The school’s library provided her with a temporary solace from reality. Here her imagination was accepted.
The cover of Dr. Seuss’s Lorax and his little yellow mustache waved at the girl. Soon the girl was in the story and the story became her reality. The orange bird was eating the trees. The trees ate her. She ate the Lorax. How did the Lorax feel?

Rapidly her connections and personifications intensified until her face became splotched red with joy. She laughed uncontrollably for five minutes until she became bored with Dr. Seuss and moved onto Skippy John Jones who exploded after eating all the beans from the Bean Bandito. Again, the girl desired to alter the story so that she was a character with power. Consumption was always critical in obtaining her desired glory and so she began to eat the main character until she became a bean.

Later in the doctor’s room, the girl sat barely aware of her name and intensely bored. Playing a solo game of musical chairs the girl provided her own sound track of Alanis Morset and Janet Jackson between hushes from her mother and questioning looks from other parents. Her singing was sporadic like the tapping of the secretary’s pen. Both actions were temporary releases between an expanse of boredom. The waiting room and the doctor’s appointment were two different activities on her daily schedule and both contained equal unimportance. Suddenly her amusement became mundane. She began dancing and soon was crawling on the floor like a snake. Being human was simply not enough.




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