The School Parking Lot

3 11 2010

Candy wrappers, pennies, and broken barrettes flitter across the cold skin of the parking lot. Car tires rest on these black covers till the sleeper returns. All objects lie in this area. It’s a still concrete purgatory where parents, educators, and children pass through in order to reach their chosen heaven or hell. Morning hellos and goodbye kisses fall stale in this lot. This barren and bleak plane protects the earth from the harshness that trespasses above. The spit of the spiteful waters the darkness and reflects only clouds. The asphalt feels it breath silently sharing little of its knowledge of the horrible with the warm giving earth below. The parking lot has sacrificed any possibility of personality for the earth below.

The painted white lines linger lightly upon the ground like guiding ghosts. Possessing little physical-ness, the lines direct so much that is physical. People disobey these white lines with vigilance.




One response

3 11 2010

wooah. thats impressive not gonna lie 🙂

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