April and the Woman

3 11 2010

“Let’s go April.” said the man in a blue plaid flannel. Florescent lights illuminated the child’s face as she picked up her brown knitted scarf from the faux leather chair. Wisps of uncombed blond hair framed wide hazel eyes as she said “bye.” As the double doors closed, her tiny legs in black and white checkered pants faded into the night.

The woman watched April’s movements—jerky, child like but quite confident. The girls words contained even more self assurance. The woman met April in the lobby of the gym a few minutes before. April had asserted a question to the woman as though she was an equal—an adult. Her question concerned the woman’s purse but the woman felt the child really was inquiring about something much less physical.

April needs a brush. April wants a purse. April wears mix matched clothes. April does not care. April moves with wild abandonment. Her body of ten years weaves between rows of empty metal lockers and cheap wooden benches. Independence flies free in her wet hair till her name finds her. A loud booming voice floods into the women’s locker room as she pulls back her hair. She does not hide within herself. If her wants are not met, she continues on—skipping and jumping with only one shoe on.

The woman imagines the emergence of this child’s awareness. Perhaps it was when April was five and saw a squirrel’s persistence in burying his acorn despite the possibility of never recovering his treasure. Did the girl experience a giddy awe in understanding the patterns of nature and its attempted gratification? The woman sighs. She knows these words and thoughts are too big for April to have considered but still the woman thinks April must live with this awareness. For the girl seems satisfied in the asking. Pleasure forms in upturned crinkles around the young girl’s mouth as she begins to speak.




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16 03 2011
April and the Woman (cont.) « KRISTALYNOLOGY: Beyond the Definition

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