Experience Hungry-Slothful and Sloppy Documenter

11 08 2010

From the shores of the East Coast to the Alaskan mountain range, I’ve wandered with camera and curiosity this summer. I struggled to collect and place my feelings and experiences into a narration of my travels and so I let my visual captives speak for me. Each time I embark on a journey, I promise to describe my conversations and observations via blog posts but become disinterested in sitting down and typing when I could be doing and seeing something new. I think I’m experience hungry.

Regardless, I like to stay somewhat true to my promises. Here’s my rough written documentation (ie a stream of rambling) on some of our Alaskan/Oregon adventure (be warned it has pot holes):

We arrived in Anchorage on July 10 a day later than we expected. After 2 flight delays and a cancellation, we walked out of the Anchorage airport with red eyes and waited for our couchsurfer Trish to pick us up.
funky dodge stratus at rent-a-wreck
Downtown murals
1964 earthquake
Alaska top 3 worst quakes in world
Dreary damp weather with breezes
Natives homeless
Trish the computer data nerd and ‘Guiness’ the husky lab mix
Yummy fresh grilled salmon
Bachelor party
Headed to native museum but declined due to the $25 entry fee
Headed to Craig’s a friend of Trish…laptop salesperson in eagle river
Helped feed neighbors 4 palominos
Hiked part of the south creek trail
Carried bear spray
5 hr drive from eagle river to denali national park
stop for moose pics
relatively little traffic on parks hwy
stopped off at north view of denali and saw mckinley
excellent weather
checked in to riley creek campground
excellent mercantile facility
chose site in the wolf loop
view of a mountain in the Alaskan range from tent site
dropped from 70 to 50
took 6.5 hr (57 mile) roundtrip shuttle to tokolat river on shuttle
3 or 4 stops total for about 5 minutes each to use porta potties or take photos of vistas
spotted a golden eagle
yellow grizzly bear dotes
braided rivers
polychrome mountian
marmot scampering
snow shoe hare
2 dall ram sheep on cliff
damp cloudy weather
older retired people mostly
rainy–tent leaky
right front tire goes flat
overpriced local tire service for $50
drove to Fairbanks
rock shat on road side while waiting for road construction at standstill for 20 minutes
about 2 ½ hours later we arrived in Fairbanks
saw 650 acre Willow Creek wild fire burning
checked out university of Fairbanks museum of the north
—native art, history, animals paintings
went to expensive safeway grocery store and then split a ginger thai dinner
and headed for the “North Pole” to visit our couchsurfer
–log cabin house , Rock does magic for his two little sons, we all play ‘War’
next morning santa claus house and reindeer visit
1 ½ hour later saw a moose off chena river road
we arrived at the beautiful chena hotsprings
104 degree mineral waters surrounded by giant rocks and fountains
mountains with dark green spruce and white alpines
could imagine the beauty of the ‘northern lights’ from aurorarium
Canadian geese honking next to springs
20 degrees Ice Museum with amazing ice sculptures and lights
Free camping off side of road one mile from hotspring entrance
Drive down Richardson Highway thru magnificent vistas
Paxson Lake Campground on lake with caribou berries and winding trails
Drove to Palmer / goats/ emu/ musk ox farm/
Pizza/town square/coffee shop/hatchers pass/ hiking/ car camping
Yesterday we arrived in Seward, a small seaside town on the south east end of the Kenai Pennisula. We checked into a Moby Dick’s Hostel where we booked a dorm and a private for the following night. We reserved a spot on Major Marine Fjord National tours with their 6 hour wildlife and glacier tour for the following day and then headed to the Alaska Sea Life Center which had excellent exhibits of octopus, sea lions and otters, and many puffins. A preserved squid also lied silent in a glass exhibit case filled with prservative.
Bubble netting, 8 whales pod with baby, eagle, puffins, mt. goats,
More delays and cancellations, sleepless in seattle
eugene, couchsurfer, eugene sat. market, schnitz musuem, andy warhol, camping in honeyman park, oregon dunes, hecetea lighthouse, cummins edge camping, florence, cougar hotsprings, sunyside campground, clear lake, mckenzie river falls, lava fields, eugene, fairie festival.




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