A Pocket Frog

28 02 2010

There once was a frog who wasn’t green but blue. His name was Blue Frog. Blue Frog didn’t have any friends because he wasn’t green. He used to sit in an old Coke bottle and sing EIO Old McDonald Had a Frog–hoping one day a farmer would hear him and take him away to a farm. One day an old grumpy farmer named Fred saw this blue frog croaking in the coke bottle. He grabbed the bottle quickly and shoved it into his dark and damp pants pocket. The Blue Frog was scared and started to cry. When farmer Fred and the Blue Frog reached the farm, Fred took the coke bottle out of his pocket and was amazed to see the bottle filled with glittery rainbow tears. The farmer exhibits the Blue Frog and his glittery tears. The Blue Frog feel used and even more lonely. Living with a farmer wasn’t what he expected it to be. Soon he can’t cry anymore because he becomes angry at the farmer. The anger explodes inside the frog causing him to hop to a star in the sky. Here he feels free and safe but still lonely. Shortly after arriving on the star, the Blue Frog begins to cry again. His glittery and rainbow colored tears fall to earth–bringing joy to children who dance in rain. Knowing this makes the Blue Frog feel a little less sad and lonely.




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